Let’s start with answering the question we asked, Yes, it is definitely worth a watch. Unlike Aamir’s last super-block-buster film Dhoom 3, this one is not a sorry waste of your time or money. It is indeed worth a watch. The film is entertaining, has a story, a message, and a couple of jokes thrown in.

The film is about trying to make sense of the nonsensical world we live in. It is something like a baby learning about the world around him, and asking loads of questions coz nothing makes any sense to it.

The positives of the film are a good script, good performances, and good music. There is a story to tell, and it has been told in a light and entertaining way. The biggest criticism of the film is its lack of originality. It begins with the first poster that was released many months ago, featuring a naked Aamir Khan hiding his privates behind a transistor. The poster is a complete copy, sadly. Apart from this, the whole theme of the film is kind-of copied from OMG. There is nothing wrong with making another film with a theme that has been explored, but it does warrant being called UNORIGINAL.

Since there have been no interesting releases in last few weeks, this one is a must watch coz you will enjoy it.

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