For those of you who are not heading out for a party for New Year’s eve, we bring to you ideas on how to usher in the New Year at home and make it even more exciting than a party at a club! After all, celebrating at home can be much more cost effective and safe as well. For in a club, you would have a lot of strangers around and one cannot keep tabs on the drinking habits of strangers for sure. So read on further for celebrating at home..

For starters, make sure that you invite your like minded friends and relatives who would love spending time with you. The next thing you gotta do is to ask the invitees to write down their best moments of the year gone by and what was special about those moments. Put these notes in a shoe box and shut it. You would only open and read these out aloud during the party for everyone. Trust us, it would be enjoyable for all!

Children desereve their share of fun too and it is important that they do not spoil your party too. So, call up a clown or a jester who will entertain the kids while you adults have your share of fun! You can also organize interactive games for kids and ensure that they have the time of their lives!

No party is complete without food and it is important that your guests and you enjoy lip-smacking food to enjoy the best party ever! Obviously, you would have to order in because it is so unfair to expect the host to make the food by herself while the guests enjoy! It is even better if the invitees go dutch and share the expenses so that not one person has to bear the entire cost! 

Music is important! If you can, call a professional DJ. This would ensure that you all enjoy the best of music. The other thing that you can do is get some 4-5 CDs of party music which is available at any of the music shops. This would work out cheaper too.

So party on and welcome the New Year with a party that you will never forget!

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