Salman Khan delivered a huge hit recently. Directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by Boney Kapoor, “Wanted” is the typical Bollywood masala “over-the-top” kind of film that has managed to sort of “re-launch” Salman’s sagging acting career. From a flop hero, Salman has suddenly been catapulted back to his top position with just one big release. If “Wanted’s” box office collections are anything to go by, Salman is back as the action hero that the audience just loves!

But hey, the Salman-saga doesn’t end here. Salman bhai, as he is fondly called, has 2 more releases lined up for back-to-back release. Main aurr Mrs Khanna has Salman and Kareena Kapoor in the lead roles of his home production. The promos are already on air and the film is all set to release on October 16 this year. The Divali weekend, yes!

There’s one guy who’s not very happy with all the Salman hoopla, though. We are talking about Vipul Shah. Salman has another October release apart from his home production, you see! Vipul Shah’s London Dreams has Salman and Asin in the lead roles. Now Vipul is worried that the audience may be confused by promos of Salman’s 3 films being aired at the same time. In his own words, “There’s no point in a publicity overlap. I don’t want audiences to be confused or annoyed by repeated and overlapping images of Salman’s films. Fortunately, for me both Wanted and Main Aurr Mrs Khanna are very different from my film, and from one another. However, it’s finally the same Salman. So I’d rather not waste his publicity dates or my efforts to get the film noticed.” So he has decided to pull off his films promos till the release of Salman’s home production. Since “London Dreams” will release on October 30, Vipul will still get 2 weeks to promote his film.

Even though Vipul is concerned about the audience being exposed to a “Salman-overdose” that could affect his film, the audience loves Salman way too much for that to happen. Also, Asin has a huge set of her own fans who are expectantly looking forward to watching her onscreen after the stupendous success of her Bollywood debut Ghajini last year. Knowing Vipul, London Dreams will definitely be a film worth watching anyway. So all you Sallu fans, enjoy the festive season with all these Salman Khan releases lined up for you!

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