Sherlyn who?

Sherlyn Chopra is the fresh face of the music video industry, who has climbed up the ladder with a few B grade movies and an obscene-looking music album: Outrageous.

And why are we discussing her?

Because she has upset our evergreen dream girl Hema Malini!. Actually her intensions weren’t so bad. She has made her next music album, Dard-E-Sherlyn as a tribute to the beautiful actress of the golden times. Now is it her fault if she is habitual of portraying herself so vulgarly in every album?

The video is supposed to be her tribute to Hema Malini‘s hit number Dard from Dus Numbri. It’s another story that the video has had only 19 cuts from the Censor Board! How closely will the album portray the diva, Hema Malini’s image in the industry is quite apparent!

On hearing the news, this is what Hema ji had to say, “My God, I don‘t even know why Sherlyn‘s linking me with a hot-hot thing. She‘s trying to change her image maybe with my name. If she‘s doing this, poor thing, I wish her success, for all those who see nudity will be happy. But my name is Hema Malini and that won‘t change for anything.”

So, if Sherlyn dreams of being like the dream girl one day… sorry Sherlyn, you have all the wrong ingredients! But we have one good suggestion for you. There’s one person who can truly be your mentor in this industry: Rakhi Sawant, considering the launch pad that you have chosen for yourself!

Hey Rakhi, congrats! We’re sure you never thought you could play a mentor to anyone, did you?

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