In a shocking turn of events, Manoj Tiwari was evicted from the Bigg Boss House yesterday.

Last week the housemates nominated Veena Malik, Manoj Tiwari and Ashmit Patel for eviction. But the newly returned Dolly Bindra was given the power to save one of the three nominated contestants. Using her queenly powers, Dolly chose to save Veena Malik. This left the public to choose between Ashmit & Manoj.

Considering Manoj’s popularity in UP, Bihar etc, it was generally beieved that he would outnumber Ashmit in terms of votes. Manoj himself was very confident that Ashmit would leave the show this Friday. He was even heard boasting that he was so popular that people like Shweta, Sara etc would all leave if pitted against him. Manoj ji said many embarassing things in his over confidence. But as fate would have it, all his words will now embarass him for a long time.

The public chose Ashmit over Manoj. Why?

Ashmit is not a top ka hero. In fact, he is known to have brought shame on Bollywood by his MMS scandal. Why then did the people vote for him? Apparently, his relationship/chemistry with Veena Malik has won him a lot of fans. Veena was seen begging for votes for her friend Ashmit and it seems to have worked. The episode when these two were seen hugging each other and crying, was very emotional for the audience as well. That was the day when the decision was taken by the public.

Also, it did not help that Manoj made a complete joker of himself in the last week. His folly of trusting “Seema Didi” blindly and doubting his friend Shweta won him many enemies this week. Manoj lost respect of his colleagues and the love of his fans, due to this folly and misjudgment. We feel very sorry for Manoj. When he goes out and finds out that his beloved didi was the one who betrayed him, Manoj is bound to feel heartbroken and betrayed. But such is life in the Bigg Boss house!

With one Tiwari out of the house, we cannot help but wonder if the other Tiwari (Shweta) is the next to go???

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