India’s hit dance based reality show Dance India Dance has made a coup of sorts by roping in Kareena Kapoor as one of the judges. Bebo is known and loved by all in the industry and by the audience. She is pretty, spunky, funny and often spiteful. She has everything that is required for a masala entertainer. So naturally this season of DID is pulling audiences like never before!

You will be surprised by a candid revelation Babo made when she was asked about her first crush. Bebo revealed that she had watched ‘Aashiqui’ 8 times only because she had a huge crush on Rahul Roy. If you were born in early 80s or late 70s, you would also have been smitten by the Rahul Roy bug when this film released. The music of this film had all youngsters swooning to it and the young girls were all smitten by Rahul Roy. Sadly his success did not last very long.

What a surprising and candid revelation, only Bebo could have been so candid!

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Lavanya Mehra


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