The current season of Bigg Boss is certainly the most boring season of all time. The makers of the show have been trying hard to inject some excitement into the show with wild card entries, re-entries etc. But neither the show nor any of the contestants have been able to make any connect with the audeince. It seems like everyone is playing solo this year, keeping one or two housemates close. We have even seen one 360 degree transformation in the BB14 house. This is Nikki Tamboli!

Let us review her journey right from the beginning. She made a huge impact when she started this journey, becoming the first confirmed housemate. She was seen taunting everyone for ‘not being seen’. She was seen throwing her weight around, being pushy, strong and quarrelsome. She did not seem to care about anything or anyone other than herself. Slowly she realized that this journey could not be completed solo, and she started making friendships. Jaan Kumar Sanu and Eijaz Khan were her first close friends, followed by Rahul Vaidya. For the first few weeks, Nikki was the most hated person in the house. But look at her today – she is friends with everyone. She is friends with Rubina-Abhinav, she is friends with the Rahul-Aly gang, she even plays with the other solo contestants like Rakhi, Rahul M and Arshi Khan. She is no longer seen as a threat by anyone and might be the yeda that eats the peda! Another case in point is her recent revelation that she likes Aly. After liking Jaan openly, and Rahul Vaidya in concealed tones, she now openly likes Aly. Nikki is looking for a romance angle to prolong her stay in the house.

Big player!

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Lavanya Mehra


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