This is the very first time this has happened. We all wait with great excitement and hopes to see which film India will send to the Oscars as the official entry to the Best Foreign Film Category. Most times, we don’t agree with the choice of the Film Federtion of India. What makes this year’s choice so differenta nd and exciting is that though we now know NEWTON is our official entry to the Oscars Best Foreign Film Category next year, we don’t have any opinions about the film – simply because we have not seen it yet!

On the day of its release, NEWTON is making headlines as the official entry from India to Oscars next year. What is so great about the film? If reports are to be believed, it is a small film with a heart – a great story told beautifully. If big dreamy casts and gradiose sets is your choice, then Newton is not a film you will like. The film is for those people who want to watch beautiful stories more than they want to watch beautiful stars! This story is a political satire revolving around elections in a remote area of Chattisgarh. Surely you can imagine the potential!

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