Varun Dhawan starrer Coolie No. 1, that was released last night on Amazon Prime Video, has received diverse reviews from film critics and moviegoers. The film is a remake of Govinda and Karisma Kapoor’s film which was released in 1995. David Dhawan has returned to direct the remake of his own film 25 years later. Within hours of the film’s release on Amazon Prime Video, reviews on the film started moving on Twitter and most of them were not positive. While some took the time to type out their review, others expressed their feeling towards the movie via memes.

The New Coolie No 1 was a stop to not think of stopping for a remake movie. Dhawan’s rehash of his hit from quarter of a century ago was a complete failure. The original was never a perfect product in the first place but it was always light on its feet.

Coolie No 1 has a few moments, owing mainly to Varun Dhawan’s enthusiasm and impulsiveness. The women, like most David films, have little to do besides show up for songs and act supportive. Sara Ali Khan is adequate when duty calls. Although suspension of disbelief is a part of watching a David Dhawan film, Coolie No 1’s plot is despairingly out of sync with today’s time. Men get hit in gonads and women are the victims of casual sexism. Speech injury is excavated for laughs, as is people’s weight. The VFX arrangements in the film can be a primer on how not to use CGI. They are of such poor quality that you can actually make out where green screen was used.

So, watch the new ‘Coolie No 1’ at your own risk. We still wonder why the cult movie was fiddled by the same director in a tasteless manner.


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