International streaming platforms seem to have become a soft target for our culture police. After collective outrage against a show on Amazon Prime, this time Netflix is at the receiving end of our hypocrisy. Bombay Begums, which is Pooja Bhatt’s first foray into the digital platform, has been served a notice by NCPCR. The National Commission for Protection of Child’s Rights has directed Netflix to stop streaming Bombay Begums because it portrays children in an inappropriate way. The NCPCR says that this kind of content can pollute young minds.

There is a scene in the show in which a teenager is shown consuming alcohol and drugs at a party after she is rejected by a boy. There is another scene in which young girls are shown sending explicit selfies to a boy. These scenes are actually a commentary on how young girls fall prey to peer pressure and give in to evils like alcohol and drug abuse as a reaction to rejection or low self esteem. This portrays how we need to make our girls stronger and develop high self worth in them.

Compare this notice with other web series on desi platforms. There are many series on local platforms that are outright vulgar but are being streamed without any objection. This proves that we have different standards of judgment for our local and international platforms.

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