Nauman, or No-Man as he is fondly called, has emerged to be the winner of the sixth season of Roadies.

Naumi auditioned for the Roadies Hell Down Under at Bangalore along with his brother Salman. The “double trouble” combo Raghu and Rajeev picked Nauman and dropped Salman in the auditions. Since then, Nauman saw many ups and downs in his journey of the show.

Initially very close to Devarshi and Tamanna, Nauman got voted out pretty soon in the show. The reason behind his voteout was said to be his growing closeness with Tamanna. Perhaps the other guys were jealous, or perhaps they just used this as an excuse to throw him out. A few episodes later, Nauman was given a chance to make a comeback in the show.

Nauman, Sufi and Palak were given a chance to make a wild card entry in Australia by defeating in a task, any of the other Roadies who were still in the game. Interestingly, all three made a successful comeback by defeating Pradeep, Sandeep and Bobby respectively. From that moment onwards, Nauman never looked back. Not only did he perform really well in the tasks, he also smartly got all his competitors voted out one by one.

The Roadies game was not as easy to win as we would like to believe. Even in the finale, Raghu and Rajeev gave a comeback chance to Natasha, Sufi and Kiri. Kiri made it to the final two with his sheer grit, determination and passion. But as fate would have it, he lost the final task. There’s no doubt that Nauman performed the tasks well. But the truth is that if Raghu had not brainwashed Kiri at the last moment when he was to choose the other finalist, Nauman would have never made it. If Kiri had gone with his gut feeling and chosen Palak, he would have walked away with the prize money!

Tough Luck, Kiri! But you have won respect as Raghu would say, and the Hero Honda Karizma too. Other Roadies aspirants have learnt a useful lesson from the finale of this season. “Never let others make your decisions. Don’t give in to pressure, even if it comes from Raghu!”

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