Sita and Draupadi inspired “Rang Rasiya” – according to lead actress Nandana Sen. Director of “Maya Memsaab” Ketan Mehta directed “Rang Rasiya”, which has already created controversy portraying nudity thru artistic liberty. The movie has won applause at film festivals in Cannes, London, New York and Florence. “Rang Rasiya” received a special screening at the ongoing 17th Kolkata Film Festival.

The movie takes inspiration from Sita’s “agnipariksha” and Draupadi’s “cheerharan” and challenges the hypocrisy of a male-dominated society.

“Isn’t it true that every day women are still forced to give modern versions of the “agnipariksha”? A woman’s “virtue” has never stopped being on trial in India,” the film’s actress Nandana Sen told the Press.

She seems to have received many hate mails and threat calls from people who hadn’t even watched the movie.

Although “Rang Rasiya” is Made in 2008, the film is scheduled to be released in February, 2012. Randeep Hooda is the lead actor in the movie.

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