Her dreams of winning Bigg Boss 8 and the booty of 50 lakhs has come to an end. The junta’s favorite Gautam Gulati won the show as predicted. Pritam Singh walked away with a cash amount of 25 lakh. The only finalist who went back home with nothing in her hands was Karishma Tanna. But don’t let that fool you. Karishma hasn’t come out of the show with nothing to show for it! Apart from her weekly earnings for the duration of 4 months, Karishma has also earned herself a brand new boyfriend called Upen Patel!

Having started a new romance in the BB house, without formally ending her current and existing relationship, Tanna got a lot of flak from the media and BB fans. This is what she has to say:

“My feelings for Upen were real. I am not a person to compromise on my priorities and family just for a show. I was true to him and to my feelings. I will never create a romantic angle to survive on a game show. We, however, haven’t decided about the future. I have not thought about it right now. Let’s see where it goes.”

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