Now before you start imagining apna Munna wearing kurtas and playing a Mihir Virani or a Mr. Bajaj, let me tell you that’s not gonna happen!!!

Sanjay Dutt is NOT going to appear in any of your daily soaps. So what is all the fuss about? Well, the story is that finally Ekta Kapoor and mom Shobha Kapoor are ready to dabble in the world of Reality TV. After all, how long could they avoid it? So Balaji has joined hands with Popstar (a subsidiary of Sunil Shetty’s Popkorn Entertainment) to produce a reality show for Sony TV.

So Balaji is coming up with a dance based reality show and Sanjay Dutt will be one of the judges. And guess what’s in it for the winners? The couple who wins this dance show will get to star in the next movie produced by Sunil Shetty’s Popkorn Entertainment. This dance based show will be launched in December on Sony TV. If rumors are to be believed, Balaji will be soon coming up with a singing based reality show and another one based on cricket too.

Balaji is certainly going places now. If all those soaps were not enough, they are dabbling in film distribution too. And they are doing it quite successfully. Balaji also plans to invest a lot more in movies than what they have been doing so far. Does this mean a lot of work for Tushaar Kapoor?

Now if you wonder how Ekta is going to manage all these things besides keeping tabs on all her Tulsis, Parvatis and Prernas, allow us to explain. Balaji is working very professionally and they have separate departments to take care of different kinds of software they produce. So Ekta will not actually be at the helm of everything. Do we see Bollywood stars heaving a sigh of relief as they read this?

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