Weeks after the huge media controversy around MTV Splitsvilla, it is now the turn of MTV Roadies to face the flak. Raghu Ram, the producer of these shows must be a happy man. After all, no publicity is “bad” publicity, Right?

A few weeks ago, many contestants of MTV Splitsvilla appeared in the media with allegations of sexual favors and casting couch being the reason for the success of Joanna & Sakshi in the show. A huge storm followed, with the channel guys trying their best to prove the allegations baseless. Less than a month later, the channel finds itself embroiled in fresh controversy, as its most popular show Hero Honda Roadies is now in the spotlight.

Sufi Says:

Remember Sufi Malhotra? The aspiring model/actor who broke his leg in the show? Sufi was not only the best looking guy in the show, he was also the most popular choice for winning the show. After being voted out in the beginning of the show, he was brought back in a wild card episode and went on to win many tasks and oust many big names. But as luck would have it, Sufi broke his leg during one of the tasks, which was wrestling with huge Aussies pro wrestlers. Later, he was voted out by fellow contestant Palak in an interesting twist.

Sufi has now come forth with allegations against the producers of the show. His first allegation is that the producers did not follow adequate safety measures during the tasks. In the wrestling match, the Aussie guys wore protective kneecaps, but he was not given one. His second allegation is that he was not given timely medical attention. The doctors informed him that he had torn a ligament and fractured a bone in his knee. He was advised immediate surgery to fix the fractured bone. But the producers and host of the show took his injury very lightly. Later, he was not even compensated for his injuries borne on the show. Nor has he received the bike that was promised to him on the show. Sufi says, “On my last day in the show, Palak suddenly started a fight with me. She started abusing me and lied in front of everyone. But after the show was over, Palak told me that the MTV people had asked her to argue with me. She said my vote-out was planned since I was a ‘langra ghora’ and quite useless now. First, I ignored her but I believed her when I saw that the remaining tasks required a strong leg and this was something she had told me much before.”

Palak says:

Palak aka Gurmeet Kaur, who went on to appear as a celebrity contestant on “Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao” has her own allegations against MTV. She says that she was asked to swear and use dirty abusive language in Hindi, because the channel wanted TRPs. She says, “During Roadies, the audience saw a fake Palak. The show was tweaked to boost TRPs. In the final episode of Roadies 6, Kiri (Kiri Timung) said he wanted to compete with me. Interestingly, Kiri took an hour to decide but Raghu and Rajiv (Rajiv Laxman) forced him because they wanted Nauman Sait to win. They didn’t want me or Kiri to win the show. In the last episode where Kiri and Nauman competed with each other, I clearly saw they let Nauman win. They always asked me to repeat all abusive statements in Hindi, to soar TRPs. They would beep out objectionable words when other contestants abused each other, not me. They gave me footage because they knew I was boosting the show. They used me. Main sone ke ande dene vali murgi thee, mujhe kaise chhod sakte the? Yeh logo ko pagal banate hain.” She further adds that she has also not yet been given the bike the she won on the show.

MTV Says:

Brushing aside all the allegations, the channel and producers of the show offer the same argument that they gave during the “Splitsvilla” controversy. They say that Sufi and Palak are just trying to get some limelight by making false and baseless allegations. They feel that contestants of theses shows are just looking for an excuse to be back in the news after the shows are over! The channel claims that the producers follow strict safety procedures and adequate medical attention is provided to the injured immediately. In short, it’s all crap!

What do you think? Is the MTV Roadies show rigged? Do you feel that MTV promotes certain contestants and creates situations & twists to their advantage? Do the producers usher certain favorites towards winning the show? Please use the comment section below to share your views.

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