Now it’s the trembling environment running on Mtv. A show that is only for the young generations has become a craze since 8 years. As the most longest & oldest reality show of Indian television it has completed it’s 8th season & now running it’s 9th season.

The show is all about for the youth generation to prove their personality, intensions, endurance, decision making and about their daringness, roughness & toughness. The scary threesome Raghu, Rajiv and Ran Vijay are there to interview & judge the contestants.

The show’s vital part is the personal interview part. It’s a complete package of entertainment for youth. Arguments & fights are always fun to watch on a television but it’s yelling part is bit disturbing for the viewers. A beep word can’t silent the intensions. Though we’ve seen many successors from this show those have elevated their career but on the other side somewhere it’s spreading some negative energy. So the show organizer has decided to cut off the vulgar part to be aired.

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