Paglait is a slightly funny look at the life that is in store for a young widow. The film is a satire on small town mentality and expectation on how a woman should behave in different situations.

Sanya Malhotra plays a young woman who loses her husband of 5 months. She fails to grieve in the traditional way. There are no hysterics, no tears and no screaming. She just fails to feel the grief that she is supposed to. She remains hooked to her social media and craves soda and chips on the side. While she remains largely unaffected by this larger than life event, people around her are going berserk with grief. The audience is treated to sundry comments of RIP on Sandhy’a social media. The comments and behaviour of people around young Sandhya seem to imply that her life is now finished.

Paglait is a bold film that brings to the forefront an issue that’s not been talked about much before. Enjoy the dark humour and the serious issue under it!

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