Bollywood is now the hosting empire of strong women playing strong roles and breaking the stereotype visibility of what people use to think about cinemas five years ago.

A recent movie that is about to hit the cinema theaters by bringing women empowerment message trending with the story is Naam Shabana. The trailer itself is so catchy and intriguing that we can’t wait to see the story.

The new promo of ‘Naam Shabana’ dwells on eliminating a key aid to terrorist organizations, played by Prithviraj. The new trailer, which got released recently, while blending ‘Baby’ with its prolog, focusses more on Shabana’s (Taapsee Pannu) first assignment as a spy along with team Baby.

The movie majorly has Taapsee Pannu in the lead role who plays a strong character that possesses the wit to fight against goons. Director Shivam Nair, who has helmed the prequel of the movie Baby, says, “I loved Taapsee’s character in ‘Baby’. She was there for a brief period but left a lasting impact. It was Neeraj’s (Pandey) idea to create a back story for her character and call the film Naam Shabana. In the first trailer, we introduced Shabana and with the new trailer, we’ve given  an insight into what team Baby is out to do with Shabana as the new agent on the task.”

The movie actually shows the fight of a woman against discrimination and plotting. We are very excited for the movie. The movie is going to get a release in this month’s end. The movie has major action and skillful shots those are enough to trigger enough audiences to carry the movie to climb the bar.


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