Everyone knows what Monica Bedi has been through. An aspiring Bollywood actress who ended up in jail, cannot have had it easy. Just when she thought that she could heave a sigh of relief, courtesy Bigg Boss, the tables seem to be turning! The police are on a mission to investigate how Monica landed in the coveted Bigg Boss ka ghar. The Season 1 of the show proved that this particular house could be a boon for any inmate. We all know how this particular show shot people like Rakhi Sawant, Kashmira Shah and Ravikishen to instant fame. Obviously, everyone wants to get in! So how did Monica Bedi manage to land this super role of a house inmate? This is what is bugging the police now. They suspect that pressure tactics of the underworld are responsible for this lucky stroke in Monica’s life. Monica Bedi’s link up with don Abu Salem is not hidden from anyone. Monica Bedi extradited from Portugal with Mumbai don Abu Salem in 2005 and lodged in the City’s central Jail in connection with fake passport case and now she is under bail. The police have even asked the producers of the show for unedited tapes of Monica Bedi in the Bigg Boss’ house. On the other hand, watching Monica in the show every evening is an eye opener. She comes across as this mature and sensible person, who has a painful past. She seems to feel very guilty for all the trouble that she has put her family through. One tends to feel really sorry for her! Either this is one reallllly skilful actress, or she has really been through a lot! What do you think?

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