Have you ever watched the American Reality TV show “The Moment Of Truth” on Star World? It’s probably the most daring, most real, most paying, and most dangerous show ever. The Americans have copied this show from the original Colombian Nada más que la verdad format (“Nothing More than the Truth”).

The format of this show is simple. Contestants are asked a series of 21 questions, all personal and increasingly embarrassing. Before shooting an episode, the contestant is asked more than 50 questions while on a polygraph. Later, without knowing the results of the polygraph, the contestant is asked 21 of those questions during the shoot. Based on the original polygraph test, the answers are judged correct or incorrect. Mark Welburg hosts the American version and currently the show is in its second season.

The interesting news is that Star Plus is reportedly planning an Indian version, with our dear Shahrukh Khan as the host. It is being reported that SRK has been approached by the channel to appear on the Indian small screen once again, with this extremely bold and daring show. While we agree that King Khan is really the only Indian who can make a show interesting and witty, we are not sure if this format will work in India.

Usually the American version is based on questions about relationships, sex, marriage, infidelity, parents, friends etc. All these things bring out interesting responses, while breaking many relationships, marriages and hearts at the same time. But will these questions be able to bring out any juicy tidbits or skeletons out of cupboards? We are a traditional society, and even premarital sex is looked down upon in our country. Will anybody who has any skeletons, participate in the show?

All these questions will be answered very soon. One thing is for sure, if this show is actually produced in India, it will change the Indian psyche to a great extent. Not only will the audience learn a lot about “real people in real world”, but we may also be forced to take another look at our relationships. This show could make many people meaner and more cynical than ever. It could also make some people more open minded. Let us hope that Star Plus and Shahrukh get together again for this exciting and new format.

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