Shah Rukh Khan has once again proved that he is the biggest Khan in business. “King Khan” and “Badshah of Bollywood” are titles that were given to SRK years ago. But he has proved that he is as worthy of these titles today, as he was a decade ago.

Released amidst a lot of controversy, My Name Is Khan is the new benchmark in Bollywood. Aamir Khan is considered to be the Khan who raises the bar in Hindi cinema. Aamir’s 3 Idiots had set new worldwide records with a stupendous opening, but only to be broken – weeks later by MNIK! My Name Is Khan is a film that has been very well received all over the world. It is one of those few films that send the cash registers ringing and the critics singing. All film critics are gushing about SRK’s flawless performance and the unique chemistry he shares with Kajol, amongst other things.

So how exactly is the film doing commerically? MNIK raked in Rs. 250 million ($ 5.3 million approx) worldwide on the opening day itself. The film has been released in 45 countries on the opening day and 20th Century Fox International plans to showcase the film in 25 non-traditional markets in April. In New Zealand, the opening day collection was about $9,727 while in the Middle-East, the movie is already 50 percent higher than any other previous film in Bollywood with the earning estimated at $300,000. With MNIK running to packed houses, the exhibitors are already asking for an inreased print count in the Middle East.

SRK attened the premiere of his film in Germany, which is full of SRK fans. Nobody knows why the Germans love SRK so much! Uli Gaulke, German film-maker and a fan of Hindi films says, “My Name Is Khan is an important handshake between the Indian film industry and the Western world. It is the first film that tries to force a discussion on the very important topic of terrorism post-9/11, and the Muslim point of view on it, in the US and the rest of the world, and to carry this discussion through the very famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is very good and an important move.”

In terms of paid previews, the movie earned about $193,000 from 89 sites in Britain and this is being said to be the highest for a single-day preview there. In fact, it is significantly higher than the 2 day previews put together for 3 Idiots. Now you can imagine how the King Khan has proved that he can still yield his magic where it comes to wooing the audience.

Have you seen MNIK yet? Please share your opinion and views about this latest offering from Kajol/Karan/Shah Rukh in the comments section below.

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