There are lot being said and speculated by Ali Zafar and Misha Shafi in the recent days post the harassment tweet made by Misha on Ali. Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar are in news due to the allegations Meesha Shafi put on Ali Zafar about harassment attempt. In reply to Meesha’s allegations, Ali Zafar decided to resolve the case in court and remained silent at the moment.

Now there is a recent revelation to the whole harassment allegations made by Miss Shafi. In the recent revelation, there is one video which is leaked by Mubashir Luqman. By portraying the video, Sir Luqman is claiming that Meesha’s allegations are pretty fake, as nothing is apparent in favor of any kind of harassment in this videotape. But we are unsure of what happened before or after the jamming session in the video. So, in his point of view, this footage carries no weight to exploit the truth.

There is a second update from another source where Meesha’s accusations are very much concomitant with her anger. According to the source, Meesha Shafi was associated with judging a music contest and she demanded as high charges as being given to Ali Zafar. Sponsors could not agree to Meesha’s this request and as a vengeance, she put fake allegations on Ali Zafar.

So, it seems like the whole allegation drama is taking a new turn. What do you think?

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