#MeToo Movement has started exposing people out from the bucket of stardom and prosperity. This time it is Sajid Khan who is accused of sexual harassment. Actor Saloni Chopra has undergone detailed harassment while working in Bollywood. Two individuals she has raised specific allegations that includes filmmaker Sajid Khan and actor Zain Durrani.

Chopra has explained her recent blog post that shows her anxiety and pain.

Chopra describes how she had just moved to India in 2011 (from Australia) and was trying to find work in the film industry when she met Sajid Khan. She sought to assist a filmmaker to learn more about moviemaking but claims Khan’s “interview questions” included queries such as if she masturbated and how frequently if she had been sexually abused, if she would agree to get a breast job, and if she felt sex was all about a mental connection.

Sajid Khan was also named by Journalist Karishma Upadhyay in a second #MeToo story shared on Thursday. Karushma accused Khan of sexually harassing her. She quoted stating, “The first time I interviewed Sajid Khan in the early 2000s, and he called me to the house he shared with his sister. Through the interview, he talked about how large his penis was, and he knew how to satisfy a woman,”

The third accusation against Khan was made by actress Rachel White. In a series of tweets on Thursday evening, White wrote that she had been sent to meet the filmmaker by her agency for Humshakals. Khan allegedly conducted the meeting with White while he was on the treadmill in his bedroom. She says that she felt uncomfortable under his gaze and that Khan referenced her breasts in their conversation after he finished his workout.

Well, all three accusations are bothersome and seem like Sajid should go to a rehab or jail for the above acts.


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