Since lately a lot of men are visiting our website (of course we don’t mind) and putting up questions like “Do you hate men?”, I though of compiling a list of the types of men that we do hate! Actually, we don’t really hate them… we just pity them and stay away from them!

Men with…

A permanent heartbreak
Has he told you how brutally someone broke his heart in the past (really, really past)? Does he keep talking to you about it all the time, gathering sympathies like it were gold coins?

He may look very sensitive and thus, caring in the beginning. But he is heart broken. Forever! He swears by God not to let anyone come close to his delicate heart AND not to get over this condition ever! No matter how hard you try. Sympathies don’t work with him either. He just loves collecting them!

The most dangerous addiction: SPORTS
If you have a straight orientation, you will have to tolerate this nasty hobby: Sports! Because this comes as an unwanted free package with a man! But if he prefers sports over spending time with you, he’s addicted! And no rehabilitation centre cures this addiction. So, just stay away!

Warning: You may realise that most men fall into this category. So you may decide to ignore this symptom once or twice. Only.

All the knowledge!
These guys think they know it all. All that is in and around this world! And they think they can figure you out in one meeting. ONE meeting! All sensible men agree to the fact that it is next to impossible to completely comprehend a woman even in an entire lifetime. But these men are of a different view! They believe that they cannot only comprehend your personality in one go but even predict all your moves and solve all your problems!

All the beauty!
Have you seen a man who thinks he is more beautiful than you are? He is the metro-sexual-kinds who will beat you in the time taken to get ready for a dinner party!

He will rob you of your feeling of looking pretty, feminine and delicate! Can you take it?

A superiority complex
Many men suffer from this disease. They feel they have an “edge” over “girls” for God knows what! They feel that no one is good enough for him and that they are doing some kind of a ‘social service’ by dating you! Beware of them or they will crumble all your self-confidence!

Thats not all… there are more ‘men’ to be aware of, that you will soon read about!

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