Shraddha Kapoor will be seen as a naagin, a shape-shifting snake, in a new film trilogy to be directed by award-winning filmmaker Vishal Furia.

She took to Twitter and wrote, “It’s an absolute delight for me to play a Naagin on screen. I have grown up watching, admiring and idolising Sridevi ma’am’s Nagina and Nigahen and have always wanted to play a similar role rooted in Indian traditional folklore. It’s like playing an iconic character, which has always been so fascinating for the audience @Nikhil_Dwivedi @FuriaVishal @saffronbrdmedia”.

The three-film series was publicized on Wednesday, sparking a hilarious meme-fest on Twitter. As soon as the announcement of the film was made on social media, twitterati started creating memes and jokes and circulated all over the platform. In one of the memes, British adventurer Bear Grylls is seen holding a snake, seemingly about to eat it. The meme warns him that it is not actually a snake but in fact Shraddha. Another meme shows how she is poignant on from dancing in the rain to naagin dance.

The makers of Naagin are planning to use VFX and special effects. We can’t wait for the movie to come on screen.


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