Rohit Khandelwal, the young lad from Hyderabad has done the nation proud. We have had many female winners of international beauty pageants but nobody from our country has ever won the prestigious Mr World title…till now. Rohit Khandelwal has this achievement to his credit and his modest comment about this is, “I still can’t believe that I have won the Mr World title. Being the first Indian ever to win this title makes me immensely proud and ecstatic.”

Rohit Khandelwal went to college in Hyderabad and worked as a technical support assistant with Dell Computers for some time. He also worked for SpiceJet Airlines before trying his luck in the modelling arena. Success did not come very easily for Rohit. He has put up his weight loss and fitness journey on Instagram for everyone to see, and has posted his experience of moving from Hyderabad to Mumbai for pursuing his dreams. He has worked in ads and in TV shows also before winning the Mr India title in 2015.

What is next on agenda for this gorgeous hunk? Bollywood or Hollywood?

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Lavanya Mehra


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