Even the extremely tensed triangle of Kareena, Saif and Shahid didn’t mind it when every possible channel was flashing a spoof of their dramatic breakup and makeup.

But humare Bharat Kumar Ji ko toh abhi tak mirchi lag rehi hai!

Although, the biggest hit of 2007, Om Shanti Om was rim-full with spoofs of Hindi films, but the one with Manoj Kumar’s look alike has been taken quite bitterly by the original!

To cool down the hot wave arising out of this controversy, Shahrukh Khan, Gauri Khan, Farah Khan and even Yash Chopra had apologised to him. After this, Bharat let out a sigh of relief as they promised to chop off the scene from the movie…

But, promises are meant to be broken! And Manoj Kumar is very, very upset about it!

“This is nothing but betrayal of trust” is what the veteran actor has to say, “Shahrukh had promised to delete the scene from the film when I objected. So many months have passed and he has not honoured his promise”, Manoj Kumar said.

The actor is pretty serious about this, and plans to go to the court for, “a clear-cut defamation and deliberate attempt to humiliate”!

Well, well! The famous song might have dropped from the charts, but its still ringing in the heart of Manoj Kumar… ”Dil Mein Mere Hai Darde…”

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