It’s not even been a week since the second season of The Family Man released, but it has taken over the world of entertainment by storm! People can’t stop gushing over the web series. From the story to the direction to the performances by all actors, everything has been superbly crafted. The success of season 2 has catapulted cast and crew to newfound stardom.

Manoj Bajpai, the lead spy, tlks about his success on OTT platform. He says, “OTT has taken me to the generation that is growing up now. This generation was not really aware of my previous works. Now, 15- or 16-year-olds come to me, wanting a picture — that’s something I have not enjoyed before. The contribution of The Family Man to my career is that it introduced me to a new fan base. I have had my share of successes, but they were not consistent. OTT, on the other hand, gives a lot of space to an actor like me to explore and invent. If you’re not willing to evolve, you can’t sustain on this platform.” Talking about his co-stars, Bajpai says, “I would say Samatha is better than me on the show. As are Sharib Hashmi and Priyamani. It gives me a lot of happiness when Sharib and Priyamani get their share of appreciation. I was mesmerised by the amount of hard work Samantha put into the show.”

Let us hope the third season does not make us wait as long as the second did!

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