#MeToo Movement is a new change and a constant one that we can see on a regular basis on social media platforms. Well, for many it is a revolution to bring change in the movie industry, however, on a recent interview with a leading media house, Malaika Arora called the #Me Movement as “Just noise and nothing else”.

According to Malaika, the industry has not changed a bit despite numerous people being called out for their misdeeds and it’s still the same. “I don’t see too much of a change. I hear people. I think there is more noise than change,” she said to a leading media house.

Malaika further added saying, “If we are talking about this industry, one is seeing a lot (of things) happening. People are talking about it. But for actual change to happen or for people to actually sit up and do something about it and actually make the movement out of it, the mindset has to change and people’s mindset cannot change overnight.”

She further revealed about her modeling days where two models ganged up against. They were none other than Namrata Shirodkar & Mehr Jessia. However, things are much calmer now between the trios.

Well, what are your thoughts on Malaika’s statements? Are you thinking the same?


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