We were dying to start earning till we began working! Now, we spend our lives waiting for weekends!

I often hear successful personalities echo a common statement, ““I love my job”. I used to wonder if that is actually possible.

But indeed, it is! It is rightly said that if you can’t leave your job, love it! A friend of mine reframed this saying for me, You can’t leave your job, so do what you love!!

So, have you ever though of making your hobby into your full time profession?

It is not just the business of painters and singers of the world! Even your’s can be an equally successful hobby.

Here are a few things that will help you make your hobby into your full time career!

Market Value

You need to survey the market to analyse the demand of your hobby. How much business potential does it have? It may not be an established industry like that of art or dramatics, but it may have a lot of potential to grow as a business. Rather than finding demand, you may have to build it. But if you are good at your work, this should not be difficult.


You may LOVE a certain work, but you might not yet be an expert in it. There is a lot that you will have to learn about your hobby. Till now, you were perceiving it as a leisure activity. Now, you will have to take it seriously and learn about all its aspects.

Evaluate and Prepare

Evaluate the pros and cons of this new career. Every activity has both the sides to it, but when you do it for leisure, you can ignore the negatives or switch when it begins to bother you. Now it is going to become your full time profession, so get prepared to devote you heart and soul to it!


Unless you find a mentor to take you up the ladder, chances are that you will have to build it from scratch. It is important that you have a regular source of income until you reach your breakeven. One good thing to do is to keep a part time job, while you are building your hobby into profession or business.

It might be tough in the beginning, but once you kick start your career in something you love, well… what better can you ask for? And then one day even you will be heard saying, “I am successful because I love my job!”

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