Come December 18, and you will all flock to the nearest cinema. This is a bg day for all Bollywood fans, and an even bigger occasion for SRK fans. Shahrukh has his next release lined up for 18th December. What makes “Dilwale” so special and waitworthy is the presence of Kajol as female lead opposite SRK. SRK fans go beserk at the mention of Shahrukh-Kajol jodi, so this day is definitely very special.

If you are a fan of the younger lot, 18th December will not disappoint you. Dilwale also boasts of a younger couple in the lead roles. So Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon will be vying for attention too! But who is Dilwale clashing with? Once again, Shshrukh and Sanjay Leela Bhansali are locking horns over their release date. Bajirao Mastani is also slated for an 18th December release. So people who are fans of Deepika, Priyanka or Ranveer have a lot to look forward to. But was it the right decision for Sanjay to again choose the same release date as King Khan’s Dilwale? Time will only tell!

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