The most beautiful Bollywood actress Madhubala will soon be seen in theatres all over India. We will see the story of Madhubala’s life on the big screen, captured by Milan Luthria, who’s made films like ”Kachche Dhaage” & “Deewar:Let’s Bring Back Our Heroes Home”.

The film on Madhubala has been titled “Once Upon A Time In Mumbai”. Now the big question is, who’s going to play the role of the most charming actress of Bollywood – the enchanting Madhubala? Kangana Ranaut, one of the most talented Bollywood actresses of today, will play the role inspired by Madhubala. Surely, this is a great challenge. Madhubala is such an enigma, such an icon. Will she be easy to live up to? Won’t the expectations be larger than life?

These are the questions that plague the gorgeous Ms. Ranaut. Kangana is constantly worried about the fact that she may not be able to look as beautiful as Madhubala. In her own words, “I have never thought of myself as beautiful. In fact I have always suffered from the lowest self-esteem. Till recently I would look at my pictures and cringe. I still have the pictures from my first portfolio I got done in Chandigarh. They remind me of how ugly I can look. And to now play Madhubala in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’. How will I do it?”

The film will try to capture the Mumbai in the 70s, when the underworld was just getting started in the city of dreams. The script will revolve around the romance of Madhubala and underworld don Haji Mastan. Ajay Devgan has been roped in to play Haji mastan, the funny don. Emraan Hashmi will play a young character inspired by Dawood Ibrahim. So in essential, “Once Upon A Time in Mumbai” has all the masala elements required to make a movie click: beautiful women, romance, underworld, and the backdrop of Bollywood.

All we want to tell Kangana is “You are lovely, gal. So stop worrying about not looking beautiful enough on the screen”. Let’s hope this film can work some magic for the magic-less life of Ajay Devgan!

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