We read about the effect of current COVID-19 situation on children and also how it affects the working population. But not many think about how it is affecting couples. If you are a married couple, you will obviously go through the COVID situation together. But what if you are not married and not living together?

Love is the potion that makes the world go round for everyone. But what happens when you cannot meet your love? This is the situation that couples are facing nowadays. The answer lies in internet! Use technology to enjoy an online relationship while the lockdown continues. Do not try to break the lockdown in a romantic attempt to get a glimpse of your darling. That would be very filmy for sure, but also very risky.

A lot of married people are finding themselves cooped up with each other. They are spending more time together than ever before! On the other hand, some couples are also spending time apart because they were in different places when the country was locked down!

No matter what your situation is, never stop believing in love. As the Beatles said, All you need is Love!

So stay safe in India, and stay in love…

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Lavanya Mehra


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