Love Story 2050, the debut movie of Harman Baweja is all set to release on 13th of June, 2008. What! “Who Harman Baweja”? Harman Baweja, guys…he’s our Priyanka’s boyfriend and also director-producer Harry and Pammi Baweja’s son. He’s one of those lucky people who are born with a silver ladle in their mouths. Who else could get a dream debut like this one?

If you are wondering what’s so great about this particular movie, lemme just update you a little.

• Love Story 2050 is touted to be the most expensive movie ever made in India.
• The special effects in this movie are being executed by not one, but four international companies. Two of these companies have already won Academy Awards for their work.
• Besides Priyanka and Harman, you will also see a robot playing a prominent character in the movie.
• You will also see a teddy bear which is actually more than just a toy.
• You will see Priyanka turn a redhead in this one. This is the first time any Bollywood heroine is going completely red for a movie.

Now, if you wonder how Priyanka will look with a mop of red hair, just look rightwards and you can get a glimpse of the new look. The intention was to give a futuristic look to Priyanka, without making her look like a character out of Star Trek. And about Harman, I wonder why he looks so much like Hritik in this image! Mr. Baweja, we’d rather see an ‘original Harman’ than watch an ‘imitation Hritik’.

And about the storyline, Boman Irani plays this eccentric scientist who is hell bent on inventing a time machine that can transport people into future. Aided by the time machine, Priyanka and Harman set out on a journey into the future and land in 2050. And you will see aamchi Mumbai with holograms, ninjas, flying cars, robots and the works! A trailer of the future, that is what Love Story 2050 is all about. So what do you Memsaabs think of this journey into the future? Let’s say “Bring it on!”

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