“Love transcends all barriers of color, nationality and language.”

This is the message that Hritik Roshan and Barbara Mori will spread through their movie Kites. The movie has Hritik playing a typical Indian guy who speaks Hindi interspersed with English. On the other hand, Barbara plays a Spanish girl who speaks Spanish only. So the duo has a huge language barrier right from the moment they meet.

Yet, in spite of not understanding each other’s language and words, Hritik and Barbara are attracted towards each other, and fall in love. Their communication rises above the need for words and both express their thoughts and feelings through actions, facial expressions, glances, touches and kisses. Yes, we hear there’s plenty of kissing action in the film.

Kites has been in news for a long time now. The rock steady marriage of Hritik Roshan and Suzzane Roshan was rumored to have hit the rocks due to none other than Barbara Mori! The media recently went into frenzy about their break up due to Hritik’s alleged affair. Though the couple has denied all this, is there any smoke without fire? No we are not saying that Hritik is having an affair with Barbara.

But we do wonder who started all this gossip about the love triangle between Hritik, Suzzane and Barbara! After all, it is not unusual for film producers and artists to start rumors and controversies before the release of a film to gain free publicity. Unfortunately, the “aam junta” has now become too cynical to not see through this!

We really have no clue about the reality of Hritik’s relationship with Suzzane or Barbara. But what we really are sure of is that kites will be a visual delight. Just imagine good looking people like Hritik and Barbara lighting up the screen. And if that’s not oomph enough for you, the Roshans have thrown in another female lead. Kangana Ranaut is also playing a pivotal role in “Kites”.

Who do you think will win the handsome man’s love in the end? Will Spanish beauty Barbara score over the Indian Kangana, in spite of not being able to talk to Hritik? Or will Hritik give in to conventional relationships and forget about Barbara? Who would you like to see paired with Hritik? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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