The Chinese have known about this wonder drink for ages. But it is only in recent times that the rest of the world has begun to appreciate green tea. Many studies have been conducted in the West to evaluate the claimed health benefits of green tea. Almost all these studies have found out that green tea is indeed helpful in weight loss as well as fat loss.

How Does It Help? Many people mistake green tea to be an appetite supressant. But this is not true at all. Green tea helps in reducing body fat and weight by other mechanisms. -It raises the body’s metabolism, thereby burning more calories and fat. -It prevents fat absorption from the food that you consume. -It also boosts endurance levels, so you can exercise harder and longer. -It regulates body’s blood sugar levels, so you don’t crave for food every now and then.

Why You Should Drink Green Tea? Green tea helps in boosting body’s basal metabolic rate. So if you drink green tea regularly, you burn more calories as compared to a person who does not! This means that any weight loss program, diet/exercise/combination, becomes more effective if you suplement it with a regular consumption of green tea. But the benefits of this awesome drink do not end with the story of weight loss.

Antioxidants: Green tea has a whole lot of antioxidants. So if you consume it regularly, you are likely to slow down the ageing process considerably.

Less Caffeine: The caffeine content of green tea is considerably lesser than that of regular tea as well as coffee. So if you enjoy hot beverages, this is a clear choice!

Theanine: Green tea contains a natural relaxant called theanine. This substance promotes a feeling of well being and helps in calming down your nerves. It is said to improve productivity and concentration as well.

Experts suggest that anyone aiming to lose weight should supplement his/her diet and exercise regimen with a regular consumption of green tea. They also suggest that drinking green tea should be continued even after reaching the weight loss goals. The benefits of green tea are so many that everyone should consume it regularly to enjoy good health and youthfulness.

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