The internet is showered with more than just comments and uploading photos. We are amazed to what extend the quality could get initiated through the internet and online sites. B-town is making some great headlines in the internet world too. Lisa Haydon may have just announced her marriage and engagement news on Instagram. Nowadays B-town is breaking the internet a lot by making some out of the world statements in public. Lisa Haydon’s latest disclosure of her engagement on Instagram surely made people take a double tap on her latest uploaded picture.

Actress-model Lisa Haydon has decided to get married to her boyfriend. She made her marriage announcement on Instagram just by posting a cosy pic with her boyfriend captioning, “Gonna marry him.”

If you are a follower of Lisa on social media, you will certainly know that she has been posting pictures of her boyfriend, Dino Lalwani (son of British entrepreneur Gullu Lalwani) for a long time now. We have seen them together many times, in many of Lisa’s Instagram pictures. We have seen them celebrating Christmas together and dining together. But her recent post, a picture of the couple sharing a kiss, was unlike from the customary, thanks to Haydon’s image caption: “Gonna marry him”.

Both the couple have always shared their travel pictures together, and the two seem to be very much in love with each other. As per reports, the couple is dating for a year now.

Though we haven’t seen any foretaste of a ring or marriage attire, which can be a good thing to not share too much information on an internet platform. But is it true, are they getting married? Well, at this very moment we are waiting for an official announcement from the two love birds together.


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