Does the word “Bangles” scream Housewife to you?

If you have answered in affirmative, you need a refresher course in accessorizing dearie! Bangles are for everyone. Whether you are a college gal, or a working woman – bangles are your friend. They can spark up an otherwise boring ensemble. They can bring color to a colorless attire. They can bring zing to a simply clad woman’s look. In a few words, bangles can do lots for everyone.

For The College Gang

Chunky bangles is the in-thing today. If you are still wearing that multiple thin metallic bangle set, you are “Oh! So passé!!!” Dump those thin bangles and any others that you may have yaar! Go get some colorful thick bangles. Plastic is very “in” in accessories.

Feeling Like A Rockstar Today?

Thick bangles in metal is the thing for you to buy. Team them up with black jeans adorned with metal to get that rusty look. A mix of resin and metal bangles give a great funky and interesting look. These come in thick bangles as well as thick bracelets. Grab one now!

At Work

A thick plastic bangle that matches with some part of your dress can create a nice style statement. Just remember to not go over the top. For instance, if you wear a big red bangle, you are pushing your luck too far! Blues, browns and black are great at work. Metals are also good to create a neutral appearance.

Add Some Zing To Denim

Denim is so common now that it becomes boring on its own. Even the greatest of jeans can do with some accessorizing! To add some spark to a denim outfit, buy metallic/plastic bangles in jungle prints. A nice zebra print or a little giraffe print is quite something!


• Do not wear 4-5 thick bangles on one hand. Remember, less is more.

• Do not wear many colors on your hands. You don’t want to look like one of those multi-colored umbrellas, right?

• Remember that the color you wear should coordinate with at least some part of your attire.

• Whatever happens, Do Not wear glass bangles to work. This is an absolute No No! Who wants the clinking sound notifying everyone of your presence?

• The plastic/ivory “chura” or the wedding bangles can be worn to work for a month or so. Do not stretch it too far though.

• Remember to stick to a bare minimum at work. You don’t want the bangles to make it difficult for you to type or work on a keyboard.

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