From the media lens, Kushal Punjabi came across as a happy-go-lucky guy who was full of life and vigor. Kushal’s suicide story brings back the conversation around celebrities, known for entertaining people, struggling with mental illness in their personal lives and not even speaking about it openly.

Demanding to catch up with the fast-paced always frenzied profession, stars don’t even understand when mental illness creeps into their lives, leaving them struggling for some normalcy.

Mental health is very important in this present age and we need to seek help whenever needed to sustain in our surroundings. This incident has brought back the discussion on mental illness, depression in particular, and how even the most successful often fall victim to it.

We urge anyone fighting depression or any other mental issues to reach out at the very beginning. Don’t wait for it to pass as it won’t work. Seek advice, talk to your family and friends, mental issues are nothing to be embarrassed about.

The news of Punjabi’s death first broke out on social media when friend and actor Karanveer Bohra posted a heartbreaking tribute for him. Kushal Punjabi, who was a part of many successful shows was last seen in Ishq Mein Marjaavan. The actor has left behind wife Audrey Dolhen and three-year-old son Kiaan.


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