Kushal and Gauhar have broken up. The two love birds whose love blossomed during the last season of Bigg Boss and was cemented subsequently on Khatron Ke Khiladi last year decided to finally call it quits last week.

Kushal who is the more vocal voice of the two announced the breakup. Some reports suggested that Gauhar was insisting that Kushal should ‘convert’ to her religion. However, Kushal has laid rumors to rest and has clarified that while they did have fights over religon, these were healthy discussions like any normal couple would have in a relationship.

Giving his side on the issue, Kushal tweeted, “In a fit of anger I spoke some stuff to dear friend of mine who also happens to be a journo about the love of my life Gauahar. None of it’s true coz it came from a bitter place in my heart which was angry.”  
The actor goes on to add, “When two people from different backgrounds come together, they have multiple discussions on various topics form home children family religion etc. Me and Gauahar too have had healthy talks…like any normal couple…Noweher did it mean either of us was trying to force change of our views…I maybe conveyed that wrong…and it sounded bad…Her respect is mine and any fingers pointing towards her integrity point at mine.” 

Memsaab had always liked the couple and hopes that they do get back together and as always would like love to rule!

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