The last time when you went shopping for diamond jewellery, did you ask for the diamond certificate?

By now you are well versed with the physical aspects of evaluating a diamond, or simply stated, what all you need to keep in mind while shopping for diamond jewellery. But a certificate is one thing that will guarantee the authenticity of the diamond you have just bought.

A certificate is a blueprint of a diamond. It will confirm all the details you just learnt, namely, the four Cs and other specifications of the diamond. The certificate also serves as a proof of the diamond’s identity and value.

Therefore, having a certificate will further reduce your chances of being cheated to the minimal.

While purchasing, you must look for either a GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) or an AGS (American Gem Society) certification.

What you just learnt if often known as the fifth C of diamonds. The other four are cut, clarity, carat and colour, which have already been discussed in the previous article.

The four ‘Cs’ of diamond, along with the certificate will not only guarantee the authenticity of the diamonds, but will also help you compare different diamonds and chose the one you desire.

So be informed and enjoy your shopping for diamond jewellery!

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