Diamonds. For a woman, ‘best friends’ may be an understatement when it comes to diamonds. It is not just a piece of precious stone that embellishes a woman’s body, but is a reflection of love, purity, sensitivity, honour, respect and good wishes. The sparkling little piece of stone even becomes the foundation stone of an eternal relationship!

The more valuable the object, the more careful you need to be while shopping for it. The advancing technology has created room for ample imitation, fraud and deception. So, if you set out for diamond jewellery shopping without any preparations, you might end up buying something with a much lower value than you paid!

Nevertheless, diamond shopping is not that difficult. If you gather the basic understanding of diamonds, you can get exactly what you desire.

Let’s begin with the 4 Cs Of Diamonds. If you haven’t heard of the term before, it can be understood as the characteristics or qualities of diamonds:

The brilliance with which a diamond shines depends, to a large extent on the ‘cut’ of the diamond. It defines the way light is refracted by the stone, giving it the lovely sparkle. Generally, the more refractive surfaces, the brighter the diamond will appear. As the cuts become finer and finer, the diamond’s beauty and price increases.

Most diamonds have some inner flaws, or inclusions, that occur during the formation of the stone. The visibility, number and size of these inclusions determine its ‘clarity’. The more the clarity, the higher the diamond is priced.

Although, certain coloured diamonds like the unique blue diamonds, have been given more value than the colourless ones, but generally a colourless diamond is more desirable. This is because a colourless diamond shines more brilliantly, refracting all the light that falls on it.

A diamond is weighed in ‘carats’. Obviously, larger and heaver diamonds are costlier than the smaller ones. The cost of one single diamond, as compared to the cost of a group of diamonds having similar weight, is much higher. This is because larger diamonds are very rare.

These 4 Cs will broadly help you get what you are looking for. There is a 5th ‘C’ too, which further helps you verify the quality of a diamond. You will gain understanding about it in Part (II) of Know Your Best Friends.

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