Rakesh Roshan’s Kites is undoubtedly the film that has been waited for the most. Everyone seems to be wondering if the Roshans plan to release the movie at all! After all, it’s been almost a year now since they took “Kites” to international film festivals. So why does the audience back home need to wait so long to watch the film? The ever changing release date of “Kites” has made it the butt of many jokes indeed. But why?

The simple reason is that papa Rakesh Roshan and beta Hritik Roshan want their film to be just perfect when it is released. Also, the film wil be released in 2 versions, desi and angrezi! A little birdie tells us that Brett Ratner, who is editing the English version, has asked Rakesh to tone down the intimate scenes in the “Desi” version. It seems that the intimate scenes between the lead pair Hritik Roshan & Barbara Mori are too bold for the desi audience to handle.

This means that all the hot chemistry and bold passionate scenes that made “Kites” so talked about, will not be there for us to watch in the desi version! Ever since the Roshans began working on Kites, it has been the talk of the town. This bilingual movie with a foreign actress in the lead role and lots of passionate love making shots has created a lot of buzz for the film. Then there were reports that the hot chemistry between Hritik and Barbara went far ahead than the shoots. There was talk of an affair brewing between the lead pair. The rumors even went as far as suggesting that Suzanne Roshan had dumped husband Hritik Roshan who had gone astray. But that was all nothing but gossip which helped in maintaining the buzz surrounding the film. One cannot help but wonder if all these rumors were spread on purpose!

All those people who were looking forward to watching Hritik in this bold film are in for a disappoinment. The Hindi version will be sans all intimate and bold scenes. So this is going to be just another romantic story with a firangi heroine. Sorry guys!

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