Ranveer Singh has shown a lot of variation in his movies. The recent transformation of his character is astonishing us a lot. Ranveer Singh is known to accommodate his looks and his facade to the characters that he is playing on screen unlike most of the Bollywood actors who remain and act the same way as they do in their real lives.

Recently when the Ramleela star posted a picture of his transformation from Padmaavat’s Khilji to Gully Boy’s Divine, the rapper, people couldn’t help but compliment his devotion to his craft. His transformation from a well-built ruler to a skinny man in his next movie has made many people applaud his devotedness.

Ranveer Singh has set a bar when it comes to body transformation for the characters he plays and portrays on screen. From making a chiseled body for Ramleela to building a bulky fighter body for Padmavat and skinny avatar to Gully boy is really commendable and treat to watch on screen.

Ranveer Singh’s transformation from Padmaavat’s Khilji to Gully Boy’s Divine, the rapper has given rise to a new set of memes on Twitter. He recently shared pictures of his transformation after spouting and comparing himself to Christian Bale is now the hot news in social media.

The transformation of Ranveer Singh is really amazing. Don’t you think the same?

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Joydev Mishra


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