Amitabh Bachchan kicked off KBC Season 13 only a week ago, nd we already have a Crorepati!

Himani Bundela, who was invited to the hot seat on Monday finished off her stint at BC with the big prize of a crore! Himani is 25 years old and a teacher from Agra. She is the first visually impaired individual to win big at KBC. Talking about her winning moment, Himani said, “Everyone must have seen the excitement in the promo already. Honestly, I couldn’t believe that this has happened to me, it was completely unexpected. How much ever you prepare, you don’t know if you will even reach the hot seat. And even if you do, you can never think about the prize money. It was unbelievable and still feels like a dream to me.”

Himani has proved to us that if we aim high and work hard, nothing can impede success. Neither physical handicap nor any lack of facilities can stop people who dream and work to make their dreams come true!

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