KBC finally has got it’s first 5 Crore Winner. Sushil Kumar a resident of Bihar has won the megaprize. Sushil Kumar is a computer operator by profession and earns about Rs. 6000/- per month. The episode that would show him winning the jackpot will be telecast on Nov 2. KBC 5 which is hosted by superstar Amitabh Bachchan has seen it’s popularity surge and the TAM ratings of the teleshow has put the show either in the first place or the second place since it was telecast this season.

KBC 5 which is extremely popular due to it’s format is a game show which focuses on the common man. It’s popularity can also be attributed to Mr. Bachchan hosting it and the superstar makes every effort to make every contestant feel special on the show. Also the fact that viewers can identify with the contestants is what makes the show click.
Meanwhile here is wishing Mr. Sushil Kumar many conratulations. This Diwali, Goddess Laxmi has surely visited him.


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