Karan Johar has been keeping his online family betrothed and amused with adorable clips of his kids, Yash and Roohi.

In the latest video shared by Karan, one can see Karan and his kids in his closet where the Lockdown with Johars began its journey. “We are where we began our journey and we want to say goodbye to everybody, with the first phase of ‘unlock’ happening. We want to say goodbye to ‘Lockdown With The Johars’,” says the 48-year old filmmaker.

Karan asks Yash and Roohi to say, “Goodbye and toodles” to their fans. Roohi is seen carrying a shimmery backpack and waves to the camera and says, “Toodles, I’ll be back.” After some not-so-successful efforts to get Yash to sharply respond, Karan says, “This is the last that you will see of us, for a bit,” before signing off.

The filmmaker gives up on his saccharine son and bids adieu on his behalf. Seeing this video, Kartik Aaryan quipped, “Main bolta hoon Toodles.. Adopt kar lo mujhe.” Now that one comment harvested as much attention as the video. Even Karan couldn’t control his laughter and he plunged multiple laughing emojis on Kartik’s comment.


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