Gone are the days when our Bollywood stars valued things like privacy. This is the age of communication and networking. So how can our stars be left behind? Believe it or not, all your favorite Bollywood actors and actresses want to communicate with “you”, their fans. So, understandably, most of them have been busy networking.

The latest to join the social networking mania is apni “Bebo” Kareena Kapoor. The gorgeous Kapoor girl is on Twitter, tweeting her way to glory. Everyone can imagine what kind of tweets tcan we expect from this lovely lady. Her tweets are bound to be as spicy as she herself is. Rival actresses, beware!

What’s more, Bebo won’t stop at Twitter. She’s also on the most popular site Facebook, and she is inviting you to join her fan page on FB. What’s in it for you? Arrey Baba! As a spcial fan (part of the FB fan club), you will have quick access to latest pictures and videos. What’s more, you also get to read regular updates from the pretty lady herself!

It seems that the only thing Bebo is not doing is blogging. Just imagine what a “phadu” blog it would be, if Kareena did take to blogging. Her priceless quotes added to all the controversies in Bollywood…it would be an instant hit. Memsaab would like to suggest to Kareena that she should start blogging and give competition to the Bollywood men like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. Ladies like Mallika Sherawat and Priyanka Chopra are already giving the guys tough competition on Twitter.

When you search for Kareena on any of these social networking sites, it is obvious that you will find many fake profiles popping up on your screen. Many of them could be loaded with virus. So please be careful when trying to connect with your favorite stars on social networks. To catch up with Kareena on Twitter, add her @ clubkareena. To join her on the Facebook, find her @ clubkareena kapoor.


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