Kapil Sharma is in the news again, and once again the news is about his alcohol addiction. But this time the news is not bad at all! We hear that Kapil Sharma is trying to kick his addiction at a detox centre in Bangalore. He is at an Ayurvedic ashrma, where he is completely off drinks. He is trying to kick his addiction, and also lose weight. 

We have been hearing about his new TV show for some time. The comedy king is in a hurry to get theis show started, but the only way to do that is to get fit and healthy. Thi is why he checked himself into the Ayurvedic place and is trying very hard to get back in shape.

This is not the first time we heard of someone going to an Ayurvedic centre in Bangalore for health reasons. You may recall that our Delhi CM Kejriwal goes to Bangalore for treatments every now and then!

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