When you watch the gorgeous Ms. Kangana Ranaut on the big screen, can you ever imagine her as a fat bride? Looking at that skinny figure, it is really hard to imagine Kangana with a fuller figure. But her next film is all set to change this general opinion about Kangana’s lack of flab.

Kangana Ranaut is currently working on her next film, which is a romcom named Tanu Weds Manu. Kangana’s character in TWM is that of a Punjabi girl. While shooting for this film in Jalandhar, Kangana recently met with an accident. The accident left Kangana injured with a broken leg. We hear that the doctor advised complete bed rest to the gorgeous actress and she has been following her doctor’s advice to the T.

Now, as a result of all this resting, Kangana is putting on weight. The yummy home cooked food at her parent’s house is not helping either. A little birdie tells us that Madam Ranaut has already put on seven kilos, thanks to all that resting and eating in bed. She has completely lost track of her workout regime and is focussing on her enjoyment of “ghar ka khaana”.

But all this does not bother director Aanand Rai. He is in fact quite pleased with this change in his leading lady. In his own words, “Kangna is looking very pretty with the added weight. I had been asking her to put on some weight. I`m quite happy as she looks perfect for the role of the Punjabi girl she plays in my film.”

As a result of this change, all the costumes have to be restitched for Kangana’s “Tanu Weds Manu” wardrobe. Designer Reza is busy these days, taking Kangana’s measurements for the new dresses. Even though Kangana may not be too happy with her increased weight, the crew of her film is not complaining!

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